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Stringfever are Giles, Ralph, Neal and Graham Broadbent

Giles Broadbent

Big brother
Leader of the pack. Former West End Konzertmeister. Royal Academy of Music, gypsy violin demon, you name it, he'll play it - the faster the better. Favourite sports: skiing, cordless bungee jumping. Plays a bright blue 5 string Violectra

Ralph Broadbent

Middle brother
MC and chief musical arranger. Royal Academy of Music. Less height than his band mates but more strings. Football mad. Plays a 6 string Violectra.

Neal Broadbent

Little brother
Amazing musician, male model, international playboy... are all things he'd love to be when he grows up. Provides bass and live beat-box simultaneously, making him Stringfever's one man rhythm section. Plays a red 5 string Violectra.

Graham Broadbent

Gentle, jolly, giant. Heavyweight viola champion of the World. Royal College of Music. Versatile vocal chords; Marlon Brando to Kate Winslet. Plays a navy blue 5 string Violectra.